“We didn’t win the first time — first two times that we applied — but we got tremendous feedback that made our company better.”

Alan Alexander
CEO, Recoleta
AIC Fall 2013 Winner

Turning Losers into Winners

We can all agree it takes courage to enter an entrepreneurial competition. But what would motivate a 3x loser to enter the same competition again and again? How could a company that finished in the bottom 25% in its first effort wind up a winner of $250,000 on its third try?

In a word, feedback.

Our long-standing partners, the Arizona Commerce Authority, had the vision and foresight to work with Valid Eval to deliver actionable feedback to every participant of The Arizona Innovation Challenge. Experts from across Arizona efficiently record their evaluations, which our system transforms into easy-to-understand visualizations. The resulting wave of feedback provides a rising tide for Arizona’s entire startup ecosystem.

Valid Eval’s mission is to rid the world of the ubiquitous “Thanks, but you lose” form letter. Our feedback mechanisms give direction and hope to today’s losers. Working with Valid Eval is a winning move.

Case Chart

“We went through this process with the Arizona Commerce Authority four times before we finally won, each application improved as a result. ”

Jim Sills
CEO, Clear Demand
AIC Fall 2013 Winner

“Valid Eval’s heat map gives me the most comprehensive and pinpointed view of our current state as a company. The feedback we got via your system is far and away the best, most actionable we have received to date.”

Rob Schachte
Pennybuilt Founder, CEO