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How do I access and make sense of feedback?

How do I do a Self-Evaluation?

How do I create a Voice-Over of my slides and upload the movie?

Part 1: Creating a movie file of your voice-over and slides

Depending on the details of the your preferred presentation software, the steps will vary. If you already know how to create a simple voice-over narration movie of your slide deck, you may skip to Part 2.

Mac, Keynote:

Mac, PowerPoint 2011  Note: This WILL NOT WORK AS INTENDED. This version of PowerPoint will not export your saved audio to a movie file. If you are stuck with PPT 2011 on a Mac, we recommend purchasing Keynote or a newer version of PowerPoint.

Windows, PowerPoint 2010

Windows, PowerPoint 2013

Windows, PowerPoint 2013 & 2016

Part 2: Uploading your newly created movie file

Part 3: Adding the URL to your Valid Eval profile

Login here:

From the Dashboard, please find your company’s name to the right of the logo and name for this event. Click the link with your company’s name.

Find and click the “Profile” link in the navigation area at the top right of the page.

Please find the field labeled “Presentation Video” on the right side of your profile. Simply paste the new URL into the box above the blue "Replace URL" button. Then, click that button.

We CANNOT ACCEPT PASSWORD PROTECTED VIDEOS. Please watch the tutorial in Part 2 above regarding the appropriate privacy settings to make sure your video is appropriately protected. We will only share the URL with the assigned evaluators.

If you’ve successfully replaced the URL, a modal pop-up window will say “URL Replaced.” Click “OK” to dismiss the window.

To double-confirm that you’ve successfully replaced the file, click the video icon or the blue link name of the URL, such as “Video” or similar. Doing this will open the fresh video URL in a new tab.