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Decision making. It is at the heart of every grant management program. An optimal decision making process benefits all of your stakeholders.

What’s different about Valid Eval vs. other software packages out there? We focus on the heart of the matter: How can your organization tap your experts to make the best decisions in less time, while delivering feedback proven to make a difference to every applicant.

Our competitors have simply digitized old-school, subjective, time-consuming paper forms. Valid Eval introduces best practices in Assessment, outstanding design and powerful reports.

With Valid Eval, you have Evidence of the Right Outcome.

Does this sound like your program?

Inefficient Decision-Making

With a 100% subjective evaluation process, grant management cannot rely on aggregated data from the individual reviewers’ evaluations of proposals. Gathering all the evaluators and “talking it out” is how most organizations attempt to overcome this. But, building consensus with discussions takes ages. When you account for the value of your experts’ time, it is very expensive.

Insufficient Impact

In a perfect world, you would help all of the applicants that apply for your grants, not just the winners from each cycle. But without a robust way to help these folks improve, most programs provide little to no feedback to rejected applicants. (It feels safer.) If you could help everyone improve the quality of their proposals without incremental effort, you would.


Vulnerable Process

It happens. An organization that won a grant winds up in the press for all the wrong reasons. For grant managers relying on an oral consensus process, periods of intense scrutiny are very uncomfortable. An evidence-based approach with an audit-able click trail from your experts’ evaluations provides a welcome insurance policy. Should the unthinkable happen with one of your grants, you may not want to defend the grantee. You will want a bullet-proof process that defends you, sponsors, policy-makers, investors and your board.

Save Time

Here we present a systematic study of the volunteer evaluators’ time invested for two state government grant programs. One agency uses home-built software. The other uses Valid Eval.

The time we save grant management committee members is primarily via a dramatic reduction in consensus-building meetings. Our evidence-based approach greatly enhances inter-rater reliability: The odds that two different reviewers will arrive at the same score for the same grant proposal.

With Valid Eval, consensus-building collapses to a quick conference call with the judges, facilitated with our powerful Consensus Report. The platform ensures a consistent, repeatable and reliable scoring process. It also ensures more introverted experts’ voices are heard.

Add Value for Every Applicant

By blending patent-pending visualizations and state of the art assessment practices, we deliver unprecedented feedback to all applicants. Feedback that is designed to teach them where and how to improve.

Feedback delivered via Valid Eval and your experts is incredibly valuable. It is not for sale at any price.

As you can see in the chart, even losers have a positive return on their investment with Valid Eval. Everyone wins.

How much are your Volunteers Worth?

Without Valid Eval, grant management processes generate no structured feedback for applicants.

An unnecessarily time-consuming process + nearly zero value added to the applicants implies that the legacy approach values volunteers’ time at roughly minimum wage.

On the other hand, Valid Eval delivers a process that is much more efficient, and adds incredibly valuable feedback to all participants with no incremental effort. The implied value of reviewer’s time with Valid Eval is just under $650 / hr.

Volunteers will invest their time in programs that make the most of their contributions. With Valid Eval, you can deliver a measurable 72x increase in volunteers’  impact when they help review grants.

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The power of better decision-making will dramatically improve your program. See what Valid Eval can do for you.