Healthcare Innovation

There is more pressure than ever to transform your health organization. New technologies, new partnerships and new approaches must be explored. For those tasked with directing innovation, Valid Eval has a suite of solutions that will help you succeed.

Success starts with evidence that your team is making the right decisions.

Valid Eval is a proven platform for making complex group decisions on health innovations.

Health Specific

We have partnered with health experts and together developed and validated the world’s first evidence-based evaluation system for the health innovators.


Valid Eval integrates all of your stakeholders into a seamless and intuitive workflow from application to evaluation to feedback.


Valid Eval provides you with tools to qualify and vet innovations in record time. Make the most of your experts’ time. Effortlessly provide world-class feedback.

Health Specific

For the past two years, Valid Eval has partnered closely with the Prime Health Collaborative, a rapidly growing community of over 2100 innovators, executives, clinicians, investors, and community leaders.

Logo Prime HealthWe have tapped Prime’s deep pool of domain experts to help us create evidence-based evaluation criteria that are specifically tailored to health.

Our health rubrics — market-validated sets of evaluation criteria — include: health purchasing, health pilot proposal evaluations, assessing health startup investment opportunities, and invention disclosure evaluations.

We offer consulting engagements to tailor these rubrics to meet your specific needs.


Thriving health innovation cultures include all stakeholders. So, the right system takes care of both the innovators’ and the evaluators’ needs.

Innovators are hungry to get their products and services into the market and to know how they’ll be evaluated. If they don’t make the cut, they need to know how to improve. Because Valid Eval integrates their experiences from application through feedback, applicants often come back again and again, making significant improvements over time, eventually providing valuable commercial technologies and products.

It’s easy to manage large groups of evaluators on our platform. Valid Eval’s tools automate the process of matching expert evaluators to the innovations most relevant to their fields. Experts are more engaged in your process, and the evaluation data are high quality and defensible. Valid Eval even closes the loop on your evaluators, delivering you actionable insights in the quality of their work.


Intuitive user experiences for evaluators are core to our approach. The process is efficient. Your experts can review a two-page innovation summary and evaluate it in 20 minutes via a web browser on their schedule.

Valid Eval is evidence-based and designed to dramatically enhance inter-rater reliability. Thus, the data generated by the simple judging workflow inspire confidence in the process. Powerful visualizations and reports package these data for rapid decision-making. Critical decisions of funding or purchasing are easily supported.

Feedback for innovators is crucial for your long term success. Legacy approaches require tedious aggregation, and often time consuming and haphazard editing of experts’ opinions.

With Valid Eval, a single click delivers all of your innovators feedback that’s optimized for learning.

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