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Jun 2014

StartX is NOT the Future of Accelerators. You are.

Chad Byers’ post about StartX (quoted below) makes some good points. But, lost in the “Stanford is Awesome” message is the much larger – although less obvious – trend that is emerging. Startup Communities are accelerating their own members. I am not arguing that...
May 2014

Get off the “Social Proof Bus”

  Parody Twitter account @BoredElonMusk shares a snarky (and legitimate) criticism of @angellist and its reliance on “social proof” to evaluate entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs seeking capital deserve better.
Jun 2013

Contests’ Role in Fostering Innovation

Randall Wright gets it wrong in this MIT Tech Review piece, “Thinking of Running an Open Innovation Contest? Think Again.” Innovation and creating a culture that fosters it has little to do with the extrinsic rewards offered by a contest. But, other attributes...