Chad Byers’ post about StartX (quoted below) makes some good points. But, lost in the “Stanford is Awesome” message is the much larger – although less obvious – trend that is emerging. Startup Communities are accelerating their own members.

I am not arguing that StartX is currently the best accelerator in the world, but I am arguing that because of this superior model, it could be someday. […] This model could be successful in the many great universities across this country.

What can our (non-Bay Area) communities offer relative to the points Chad makes?

No equity stake required to help the companies? Check.

Passionate and skillful mentors? Check.

Demo day? Well, probably not. But, we question the value of dog and pony shows in the first place.

The “superior model” we need to tap is the expertise, talent and generosity in our local communities. What’s needed for that? The right dot-connecting entrepreneurial leaders and the right tools to make mentorship more effective and efficient.

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